Planning the summer

On Monday Tracker scout leaders from the district met to plan the District Tracker Scout Camp. It will be held at the district camp site Hjörnered, in Laholm and the theme will be an old TV-show, where the participants in small groups solved tasks, like digging for clues in grimy pots, climbing high walls and solving riddlesto win keys. The program sounds VERY exciting!

We met at Sönderum scout hut. I've never been there before. It is a lovely 70ies building, inspired by log cabins, with a large room with a high ceiling, and big windows out towards the surrounding residential area and far away I think that I could glimps the sea.

On both sides of the hall is smaller rooms and it was in one of these we met. Söndrum had put up a wonderful sandwich table, with lovely breads, cheese and salami, that helped made the discussion constructive.

From Falkenberg's point of view we came with the suggestion not to arrange the camp this year, as two out of the district's 6 active groups has declined coming, and as we have lots of activities on in May, we had only managed to get about 5 out of 35 interested in going. Then we got the news that a third group had pulled out! Perhaps we could do something else instead, like going to a nearby district's camp?

But as it turned out, Laholm and Söndrum had a good number of kids that had already commited to going, so we decided it was worth it for them. And this week, we've had a few more of our kids contacting us, wanting to go. So, it's on, and it's going to be brilliant!

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